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Axel & Axel (die zweite Runde) 2013
Kampnagel / May 2013

Almost 60 years separates the nearly 80 years old wrestler Axel Dieter and his son Axel Dieter Jr., a wrestler from the young generation. The choreografer Yolanda Gutiérrez sense in her project the generation conflict both wrestler: father and son, two people who can't be near to each other. Their life has been determinated by the Wrestling. With Videomaterial, biografical stories ans elements from wrestling shows Gutiérrez the differences both lifes and how age, family positions and wrestling are ín a continously interplay. For OLD SCHOOL showed Yolanda Gutiérrez and her team AXEL & AXEL – The second round-.
After the performance the choreographer talked with the Kampnagel Director Amelie Deuflhard about her work.

[Concept, Choreography, Video] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[With] Axel Dieter und Axel Dieter Jr.
[Music Design] Teppei Osawa
[Artistic Asistance] Judith Mauch

This is a production from yolanda gutiérrez & projects and Kampnagel

Here you can hear in german the radio interview from NDR from Axel Dieter with his son Axel Dieter Jr.
NDR Radio Interview Catcher Performance Axel & Axel-die zweite Runde auf Kampnagel

The german television documented the work in the well known culture TV programm Kulturpalast ZDF / 3sat:
[ Only in german ]