With the birth of my son in 1999 I started my work as a choreographer. My first funded project was 'flesh and bone'. From then on, I realized several projects, a lot of them in 'non-theatrical' spaces like churches, galleries and empty buildings in the city. Since I never intended to stay in Germany, we went back to Mexico with our son shortly after his birth. There, I began experimenting with video. After almost three years of living in Mexico, we returned to Hamburg. From then on, I spent a lot of time in the editing room at the HfbK, learning camera work and editing from film student friends.


For those, who wants to know more

Born in Mexico city.
Live in Hamburg, Germany

Studies in Contemporary Dance (Graham and Limón) University of Morelos, Escuela Nacional de Danza, Mexico City, u.a.
Dancer by the mexican dance compagnies Yoli-Xinastli, YOCOYANI DANZA TEATRO, Obsidiana. Aswell by La Fura del Baus (Spanien), Tránsito (Venezuela), Philippe Quesne (Frankreich). Studies in New Dance & Performance in Hannover.
Workshops by David Hernández, Karen Schaffmann, Labor GR AS, Frey Faust, Russel Maliphant, uvm.
Reiki and Shiatsu Practicioner.

I've been working in all these years with dancers, actors, wrestlers, musicians, DJs, composers, amateurs, scholars costume and stage designers from Asia, Europe, Latinamerica, USA and Africa.

Dance Theatre Projects, Installations, Artists residencies, Shortvideos, collaborations & others


SHAPE THE FUTURE 2021 - Tanzpakt=reconnect
January to September

Digitalizing and archiving my choreografic work of the past 20 years.
January to June

activistic and critical dance interventions related to the colonial past between Kigali and Hamburg.
Elbkulturfonds/NPN-Stepping out
June 18th-20th 2021

Academy of visual arts Stuttgart
Lecture for the Seminar *re-explore / re-write*
from Prof. Antonia Low
Th. May 6th 2 pm - via ZOOM

Postcolonoal dance interventions in Mexico City.
Funded by Goethe Institut Mexiko/BKuM/DfDk HH Gastspielförderung
November 20th & 21th 2021



JURY Member by 6 TAGE FREI FESTIVAL-RESIDENZ im Rahmen von TANZPAKT STUTTGART: Application call for artists of Baden Württenberg


SYMPOSIUM -Artistic strategies to activate public space Theme: Re-thinking History or:how representativ is the open space? - Conference Body interventions in open spaces and the Reinterpretation of History at Festival DIE IRRITIERTE STADT



DECOLONYCITIES postcolonial tour with body interventions at the port of Hamburg between dancers from Dar es Salaam and Hamburg.

URBAN BODIES PROJECT in Amsterdam at JULIDANS International Dance Festival


ALTONA in 2050 Silent Walk for Altona macht auf! Balcony Performances.

THE BODY AT THE END OF THE TIMES Dance piece for the International Dance Festival Haba na Haba in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. With six young dancers from Dar.

You're welcome to stand at my place Duo- dance piece with two dancers from Rwanda and Tanzania for the International Dance Festival Haba na Haba in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. - work in progress.


DANCE HITS – Summer Camp-Schoolar Workshops at the International Summer Theatre Festival / Kampnagel.

URBAN BODIES PROJECT – Concept/Artistic director -
postcolonial-site-specific-dance-performance-silent-walk project at the port of Hamburg / Theater der Welt.

Four days series of events at Kampnagel with mexican artists, journalists, performers and filmmakers.

THERE IS NO WORD FOR FUTURE IN SWAHILI - Choreography with 14 dancers for the Festival „Haba na Haba Traditional and Contemporary Dance Festival“ in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

ALTONA MACHT AUF! Coaching for Theater Altonale, Hamburg - Winner of the Stadtteilkulturpreis 2017


ALTONA MACHT AUF! Coaching for Theater Altonale, Hamburg

DANCE HITS – Together with Cecile Noldus Summer Camp-Schoolar Workshops at the International Summer Theatre Festival / Kampnagel.


THE FAKE EMPIRE – Dance-Laboratory with music producer DJ Tom Strauch for Laba! Arts Festival in Kampala, Uganda. Shortvideo: "Krump meets Nature" with Crusha Bornz Jinja, Uganda. Shortvideo: Dancers Soldiers, Kampala, Uganda.

ALTONA MACHT AUF! Coaching for Theater Altonale, Hamburg

POLITICAL BODIES – Music and Dance project between Dakar-Hamburg-Cologne / Kampnagel, Hamburg/ Theater im Bauturm, Cologne/ Kaay Fecc Festival, Dakar.
Curator from the Congress: " African Hip-Hop: a lesson for european democracy" with activists, intelectuals, journalists, rappers and dancers from Senegal, USA, Mexico,Spain and Germany.


DEAD DANCE ZONE – Dance-Installation- Performance Project / Kampnagel, Hamburg.

„Los placeres prohibidos“ with Azahara Ubera / Festival Cabanyal Intim, Valencia, Spanien.

Artist Residency - B.I.D.E International Artist Exchange, Barcelona, Spain / The Dead Body (Laboratory facilitated by Abel Coelho and Yolanda Gutiérrez for 22 internationale Tänzer).

Artist Residency - Kautokeino, Norwegen mit Meri Nikula (Fin) Asher Lev (IS), Johannes Bergmann (SWE), Irina Lav (LIT), Y. Gutiérrez (MX/D).


Mexican Spirit Vol.1 Installation and Performance space inspired by the mexican day of the dead for the International Summer Theatre Festival in Kampnagel / at the Spekulativen Dorf von Baltic Raw.

Der goldenen Balkon Altona macht auf- Theateraltonale – Balkony Performances, Hamburg

Artist Residency - WEAVE International Artist Exchange, Brüssels, Belgien.

East Side Story Dance theatre project for scholars at Schule am See, Hamburg.

Axel & Axel – The third rounddoku-fiction theatre with the Wrestling Legende Axel Dieter and his Wrestler Son Axel Dieter, Jr. Choreography and Video: Yolanda Gutiérrez. The german televison zdf/3sat broadcasted this work by the program "Kulturpalast".

Short videos Research Project about the social and political movementY’en a Marre and the senegalese Wrestling, Dakar, Senegal. Youtube channel /yolanda gutiérrez & projects


DANZAFUTURA IIDance und Live Music – Lange Nacht der Theater / Kampnagel.

Artist Residency with dancers and choreographers from Afrika and Europa in L’ecole de Sables, Toubab Dialaw, Senegal.

Love and other drugs Balkony Performances for Altona macht auf/ Theater Altonale, Hamburg.

Axel & AxelDoku-fiction Theatre with Wrestling, Video and Live Music.

Romeo in Julias Revier Tanz-Theatre School Project / Schule am See, Hamburg.

SUPERHERO ACADEMY-The finalDance Theatre School Project with Wrestling and Videos /Kampnagel.

Romeo vs. Romeo Dance Theatre with Wrestling and Live Music / Kampnagel.


DANZAFUTURA Dance and Live Music, Lange Nacht der Theater / Kampnagel

SUPERHERO ACADEMY Work in progress,Festival eigenarten.


SUPERHERO Dance theatre, Wrestling, Music and Film for the Opening of the Theatre session 2010-2011 at Kampnagel.

Superhero AcademySchool project at the Stadtteilschule am Hafen (Standort Neustadt-HH)- Nominated by the Berliner Festspiele-Theatertreffen der Jugend / Berlin.

The Wrestler & the Dancer -reloaded- Lange Nacht der Theater / Kampnagel.

my dance room 2010 Probebühne eins /K3 Center for Choreography / Kampnagel


The Wrestler & the Dancer work in progress Dance, Wrestling and Video. Kulturhaus 73, Festival eigenarten, Hamburg.

about lucha libreProbebühne eins/K3 Center for Choreography, Hamburg/ Videoscreening: "about lucha libre" The Body Navigation Festival, St. Petersburg, Russland.

Video dokumentation “dance beyond borders” European dance project


my dance room 35 Migrants dance with their own music at their homes. Afterwards six of them were invited to be part of the piece. The project was made specially for a gallery space. The renowned dance magazine "ballet.tanz" (today TANZ) brought an article about the project.
Choreography and Video: Yolanda Gutiérrez.

The Agaricus-Monument Dance Performance with Champignons and lecture Performance from Hannimari Jokinen and Yolanda Gutiérrez performing at the Bismarck Denkmal, Near the castle Bergedorf, Hamburg.

Impulso Music Composition by Moxi Beidenegl (Argentina) for a dancer and four musicians for the contemporary music festival in Hamburg blurred edges. Dance: Yolanda Gutiérrez.


Article“Dance meets Catchen”an article about the approach between Dance and Wrestling. For the magazine “Zeitschrift für kulturelle Initiativen des Landesverbandes Soziokultur Hamburg”, „querlight“ / April. Author: Yolanda Gutiérrez

Shortfilm "Gulliver" for the Italian-German Theatre Group ”inteatro” from Marina Siena. Director and Camera: Yolanda Gutiérrez

Shortfilm „Der Noodle Mann“ about the handmade Noodles, made by the chinese moslems in the city of Xiamen, China, Abaton Kino / Kinometer 5 – Filmmakers Collective
“Mondschein cinema” for the Programm “ExportImport” in Tschernowitz, Ucraine.
Zeise Kinos – Shortfilm Slam
Director and Camera: Yolanda Gutiérrez.


Murphys Fall ((U+C+I) x (10-S))/20 x A x 1/(1-sin(F/10)) A Performance about Murphys Theory for 7 Performers in six days. Performance: Yolanda Gutiérrez

Authenticity and integration A Videodocumentation about the 7.Edition of the Festival eigenarten. Director and Kamera: Yolanda Gutiérrez


KörperbäckereiSolo Performance with Dough and Bread for MAGIC LIGHT –Dance Project in Containers - and at the Festival eigenarten.
Choreography and Performance: Yolanda Gutiérrez

The made of, Video Pop Show for Hamburger Scholars Idea: Katharina Oberlik. With: Katharina Oberlik und Yolanda Gutiérrez.

Shooting for the shortfilm
„Der Noodle Mann“ in Xiamen China / Director and Camera: Y. Gutiérrez

Two Monsters (“Du hast angefangen, nein du!”) A dance theatre project for Kids.
Director: Yolanda Gutiérrez

Tafel Tanz A solo Dance and culinaric Performance Project with Short Videos and Live Cooking, Zelttheater Festival / 150% made in Hamburg

Boys don´t cry Theatre piece for empty houses. Director: David Chotjewitz. Choreography: Yolanda Gutiérrez


Tafel Tanz , work in progress. Choreography and Performance: Yolanda Gutiérrez, Festival eigenarten, Hamburg.


check point hope Improvisation Projectwith artists from different backgrounds in empty buildings (today Gängeviertel).Festival eigenarten, Hamburg. Concept and Dance: Yolanda Gutiérrez

quick instant soup II, a dance video. Premiere in Abaton Kino as Preview of „Journey to Kandahar“;, Hamburg.
Film Festival „Cinetlive in Osaka, Japan
Intercultural Shortfilm day „Identity and the searching of the roots“ goldbekHaus,Hamburg.
Director and Performance: Yolanda Gutiérrez

Sehnsuchtsformeln a Multimedia Installation from the artist Hannimari Jokinen with differents artists. Guest: Yolanda Gutiérrez


Shortfilm "quick instant soup" Premiere at the cinema Abaton as Preview of the mexican movie „amores perros“ and for the US american movie „Super Size Me“.
Intercultural Shortfilm day „Identity and the searching of the roots“ , goldbekhaus, Hamburg

Teacher at Center of Choreography in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.


origen.nullpunkt Dance, Video and Music Project between Germany and Mexico with dancers from Spain,Germany and Sweden. Six weeks we were living together in a small town in Morelos, México. We research together the influence of natur and ´culturet in the body in an unknown environment. The daily routine become part of the work aswell as the daily riuals, we were sharing. Choreography: Yolanda Gutiérrez.

Visiones de Gaia, Dance Video, Director and Dance: Yolanda Gutiérrez. For the Dance Project “überMutter”/ “About mother” from the choreographer Antje Pfundtner.


flesh & bone,Dance performance for two dancers and one actress. Festival eigenarten, Hamburg.
Choreography: Yolanda Gutiérrez.


Short choreographies and other works, who were shown in Off-Theatres in Hamburg City.


Sponsors and Institutions, supporting my work:

Beauftragter der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien

Fonds Darstellende Künste





Nationales Performance Netz

Kulturstiftung des Bundes

Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Internationale Kulturfabrik Kampnagel

Goethe Institut Senegal

German Embassy Uganda

Goethe Zentrum Kampala

Behörde für Kultur und Medien

Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

Rudolf Augstein Stiftung

Ministerium für Familie, Jugend, Kulturund Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

Stiftung Maritim

BürgerStiftung Hamburg

Norddeutsche Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung

Interkullturelles Festival eigenarten