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There is no word for future in Swahili 2017
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania May 2017

The piece was develop together with the Mexican-German Choreographer Yolanda Gutiérrez and 14 dancers from Dar es Salaam. The first approach to the piece was by using elements of Tanzanian Traditional Dances and trying to filtered through their own movement vocabulary. We interrogated ourselves about concepts of what future can mean for each of us. The choreographer brought the music from the German Composer Hauschka and also using some tracks from the Science Fiction Movie GHOST IN THE SHELL. Beside this the Tanzanian Fashion Designer MAKEKE was invited to collaborate with the costumes thinking in an afrofuturistic costume, in order to bring more out the concept of the piece traduce as an exploration about Tanzanian Traditional Dances placed in a modern context connected to each dancers concepts of what future is.

[Concept-Choreography] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Costume] Jocktan Makeke
[Music] Hauschka u.a
[Dance/Choreography] Merry Hassan, Vasco Adorati, Joseph Kumeza, Jafari Alawi, Thadi Alawi, Jimmy Matius, Edson Wizron, Jofrey John, Shaka Mbuda, Pascal Silvesta, Dotto Emmaniuel, Hassan Aman, Irene Themistolles, Halima Massoud.


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