Foto: Sinje Hasheider

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Museum am Rotherbaum MARKK Hamburg
October 30th and November 3th / 4th (2 performances each day)

Dead Dance Zone is both an installation project and an interactive tour. Yolanda Gutierrez takes visitors on a journey through European and Mexican traditions in which death is both feared and celebrated. Skeletons, a cat and an altar witness the encounters between the living and the dead. After returning from the realm of the dead, life can be enjoyed more intensely ...

[Concept und Choreography] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Dramaturgy/Performance] Anja Winterhalter
[Dance/Choreography] Sofia Kakouri, Yolanda Morales
[Music] Peter Jacquesmyn
[Costumes] Kimiko Villaroel
[Videoanimation] Gonzalo Barahona
[Visual artist] Mariana Camberos aka Meteoro
[Technique] Kirsten Rusche

a production from yolanda gutiérrez & projects MARKK -Museum and Kampnagel

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NDR Radio Beitrag im Gespräch mit Yolanda Gutiérrez nach der Preview im MARKK Museum am Rotherbaum, Nov. 2018 zu den Festivitäten vom Mexikanischen Tag der Toten.