"For me, the medium of video is a wonderful complement to my work, since dance is, after all, ephemeral and short-lived. I have realized various video works so far, from experimental to on stage and/or in the form of a short documentary. My last video project MY DANCE SPACE is a good example, which I realized as a reflection of the first lockdown with dancers* and choreographers from Hamburg (February 2021).


7. Interkulturelles Festival eigenarten
Hamburg, 2006
Short documentation about authenticity in dance and theatre

[Direction and Camera] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Film Editing] Yana Busyhina

The question of the authentic in the art of migrant men and women from traditional African dance, contemporary dance from Chile or spoken theater from Iran. With interviews and excerpts of their work in the theater.
Commissioned work for the 7. Festival "eigenarten" within the "Authenticity and integration" Discussion Forum of the Festival