Yolanda Gutiérrez in Kollaboration mit Kampnagel

In the finest [k]lub atmosphere will be shown Mexican art, kitchen and kitsch, visual, discursive and music - that's MEXICAN SPIRIT. For KONTEXT MEXICO, the German-Mexican choreographer Yolanda Gutiérrez, in collaborationwith Kampnagel, is organizing a festival center for four days, opening up an area of ​​perception and reception where a modern and alternative vision of Mexico is sought through the senses and perception. From Wednesday to Saturday, daily before the shows begin, Mexican journalists, filmmakers and activists are discussing overburdening and up-to-date topics from the society, culture and politics of their country in the setting of a Cock Fighting arena. After the stage shows, MEXICAN SPIRIT is part of the late program, including performances by the Mexican queer activist and radical performer Orgypunk and the fake-mexican shaman Doña Catrina. For fans of Cumbia, Salsa, Moebathon Tropical Bass, Oriental Bass, Dembow and feminist Reggaeton, there are nightly DJ sets of Panchita Peligro, a fusion of Latin American rhythms and electronic music. Bähm!



18:00 Short film: HERE WE LIVE ("Viviendo aquí") by Emilio Braojos Fuertes (Spanish with German subtitles)
Interview with Anabel Hernández, investigative journalist and author, among others "La verdadera noche de Iguala", a research on the case of 43 missing students. The conversation is moderated by Juliane Löffler (The Friday). (Spanish with German translation)

From 22:00
DJ Set: Latin-Electronic Sounds with Panchita Peligro

THURSDAY, 02.03.

Film talk and talk about the migration processes as a global phenomenon by the three-part film series of the director Ricardo Braojos, a documentation of the lives of Mexicans who live in the second generation in the USA. The conversation is moderated by Yolanda Gutiérrez and takes place in English and Spanish, with German translation.
From 22:00
DJ Set: Latin-Electronic Sounds with Panchita Peligro

FRIDAY, 03.03.

Interview with Lukas Avendaño, anthropologist, choreographer, dancer and performer from Oaxaca; Orgypunk, art activist, member of the art anarcho collective GRUPO D3 CHOK3 and organizer of the art program of Gay Pride, Mexico City and the feminist DJane Panchita Peligro. The conversation is moderated by Daniel Chelminiak. (Spanish with German translation)

From 22:00

Late-night performance of Orgypunk / GRUPO D3 CHOK3
Orgypunk / GRUPO D3 CHOK3 was born out of a necessity - the need for a change of consciousness in a world terrorized by the state. Working at the edges of power, Orgypunk / GRUPO D3 CHOK3 organize public disturbances, strikes, sabotage acts and call for demonstrations and public disobedience to-ever with the firm belief in the possibility of a better world. Viva la revolución!

DJ Set: Latin-Electronic Sounds with Panchita Peligro

Fake shamanism
Individual cleaning rituals and future visions with Doña Catrina - registration required on site

SATURDAY, 04.03.

THEATER OF CRISIS, the now-living activist, media artist and writer Fran Ilich calls the workshops, in which he shares with the participants conspirative, alternative realities, parallel states, unofficial languages, hidden identities, community-written books or new times Zones. With the aid of theater, he explores characters and stereotypes to modify the configurations of what is called the "Territory of Mexico".

Public workshop presentation »Theater of crisis«

Fake shamanism
Individual cleaning rituals and future visions with Doña Catrina - registration required on site

Funding by Nordeutsche Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung.



Political Bodies / Yolanda Gutiérrez & Jens Dietrich

Political Body hat im Englischen eine doppelte Bedeutung. Als feststehender Begriff bezieht sich der Ausdruck auf eine politische Institution. Und wortwörtlich genommen geht es um das Politische des Körpers. Mit dem Projekt Political Bodies beabsichtigten wir die Bandbreite zwischen den beiden Lesarten sichtbar zu machen: Welche politische Rolle übernimmt der Körper in der Kunst, und wie wird aus einer künstlerischen Bewegung eine politische.

Die ersten Ideen für die Tanzperformance Political Bodies entstanden, als Yolanda Gutiérrez 2012 eine Künstlerresidenz an der Ecole des Sables in Toubab Dialaw machte und mit Tänzern aus der Hip-Hop-Szene Dakars in Kontakt kam.

Aufführung Kampnagel, Hamburg
Jennifer Beck, spex

Erschienen im März 2016
ISBN 978-3-938218-80-8

Herausgegeben von Yolanda Gutiérrez & Jens Dietrich

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