Julidans - International Dance Festival
On Fri 12.7 / 12 AM, Sat 13.7 / Sun.14.7 12 AM & 4 PM
Meeting point and end: International Theater Amsterdam

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This project seeks to collect, filter and bring information about colonial past at different port cities in Europe and bring them in an artistic way into our modern time. Transforming it into the body and portraying it as a complex fusion of historical facts, personal biographies and interviews. This information will be presented as audio files via headphones. The dancers transform them into body interventions that refer to the different places of the city, where they perform.

Decolonize your mind! Decolonize your body! Decolonize your city!

Yolanda Gutiérrez creates together with dancers and performers from Amsterdam the project in a new format. Together with the Dutch dramaturge Maarten Bos, scientists from the University of Amsterdam and an ensemble of five dancers will research traces of colonial stories in the city and develop a three-day "postcolonial city tour" for JULIDANS.

The city of Amsterdam and its colonial past is the playground of many different areas, stories and bodies, their physical presence and background information invite us to new interpretations. Through body interventions and sound files as a silent walk will the history of the city be overwritten and transformed - a transdisciplinary attempt to decolonize the urban area of ​​Amsterdam.

URBAN BODIES PROJECT has been comissioned and produced by JULIDANS.

[Concept/Choreography] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Dramaturgy] Maarten Bos
[Audio Artist] Marten Minkema
[Music] Alexander Raúl
[Dance] Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Jade Stenhuijs, Suzanne de Bekker, Tim Persent.
[Kimonos] METEORO
[Artistic & dramaturgical assistance] Elisa Doulia & Maeva Dolle
[Fotodokumentation] Ernst van Deursen
[Video documentation] Alexander Cromer

Many thanks to Sruti Bala, Alex Raúl, Jennifer Tosch and Kathy Streek

TRACK ONE Introduction by Yolanda Gutiérrez

TRACK TWO Narrator: Tim Persent
Voice of Suzanne de Bekker

TRACK THREE Conversation with Alex Raúl.
Quotes read by Maeva Dolle
Source: Amsterdams architecture of colonial exploitation by Alex Raul
Source: When The Dutch Ruled The World by Business Casual:
Music: Alex Raúl SPIRITS from his album The Fantastic Fix

TRACK FOUR Narrator: Tim Persent Quotes read by Maeva Dolle
Source: White Innocence by Gloria Wekker
Source: Between the world and me by Ta Nahisi Coates
Source: Archive Fever by Jacques Derrida
Conversation with Jade Stenhuijs

TRACK FIVE Narrator: Tim Persent
Source: Amsterdam Slavery Heritage Guide by Dienke Hondius e.a.

TRACK SIX Conversation with: Tim Persent, Jade Stenhuijs, Suzanne de Bekker, Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Yolanda Gutiérrez and Maeva Dolle
Music: Alex Raúl from his Album The Fantastic Fix

Listen here to all the tracks (in englisch only) of URBAN BODIES PROJECT-AMSTERDAM