From 2017 I realized my first decolonizing-silent-walk-performative city tour URBAN BODIES PROJECT. This was invited to the international festival THEATER DER WELT. Afterwards, this project was invited to Amsterdam, to the international dance festival JULIDANS, and to Stuttgart, to the festival DIE IRRITIERTE STADT. Later, the project DECOLONYCITIES followed in Hamburg in 2019 and 2021. Both will be supervised by a diverse and international team under the new platform founded by myself called SHAPE THE FUTURE."

Design: Dr. Calavera

At July 8th 2023, 3 pm.
Meeting point: Münchener Stadtmuseum (15 minutes before 3 pm) at the front door.

Plese register here! Free entrance!

The URBAN BODIES PROJECT is an ongoing artistic, urban and dance exploration of the city's colonial past, each time the project takes place. Bisher wurden sie 2017 beim Internationalen Festival Theater der Welt in Hamburg, 2019 beim Internationalen Tanz Festival JULIDANS in Amsterdam, 2020 beim Festival DIE IRRITIERET STADT in Stuttgart, 2022 beim Festival Teatro en tu Barrio in Mexiko-Stadt und beim Internationalen Tanz Festival Jalisco in Guadalajara realisiert.
The URBAN BODIES PROJECT-MUNICH is the sixth URBAN BODIES project by Hamburg-based choreographer Yolanda Gutiérrez. The next one will take place in Kigali, Rwanda.
The audience will listen to audio files - a mixture of historical facts, personal biographies, music and interviews - through headphones as they move from place to place. A performative utopia of dance will emerge, in which urban space is occupied and intervened with dance and bodies. History becomes present and memorials in Munich become visible.

[Concept/Choreography] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[With and from] David Valencia und Jana Baldovino
[Narrators voices] William Holley und Zainab X
[Audioartist] Cornelia Böhm

A production from yolanda gutiérrez & projects together with Käte-Hamburger Kolleg

Funded by Käte-Hamburger Kolleg (global-disconnect), der Ludwig-Maximilian Universität München and Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung