From 2017 I realized my first decolonizing-silent-walk-performative city tour URBAN BODIES PROJECT. This was invited to the international festival THEATER DER WELT. Afterwards, this project was invited to Amsterdam, to the international dance festival JULIDANS, and to Stuttgart, to the festival DIE IRRITIERTE STADT. Later, the project DECOLONYCITIES followed in Hamburg in 2019 and 2021. Both will be supervised by a diverse and international team under the new platform founded by myself called SHAPE THE FUTURE."



October 2022

Yolanda Gutierrez has examined three fundamental aspects in various European cities using choreographic works, the concept of decolonization: the personal, the history of the architecture and the historical colonial context of the places. She transforms all of this into the performative body, by examining this time the colonizing body and the colonized body.

Based on the idea that these three concepts are a living archive to generate the content of hr work, this time she forms a team of German and Mexican dancers with very special characteristics to explore the public space in Mexico City.

These narratives have found their way despite the collective imagination that frames the versions of the conquerors and tarnishes the versions of the conquered.

This laboratory opens up a critical and performative space in which the voice and the body can express themselves and questions a colonization that ranges from political to economic to cultural influence until today.

This creative laboratory opens a place for the voice and body to express itself, questioning a colonization that ranges from the political, the economic and, without a doubt, the cultural.

Decolonize your mind! Decolonize your body! Decolonize your city!

[Concept/Director/Choreography] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Management] Lucia Lilen Heffner
[Assistance] Andrés Moreno
[Dramaturgy] Antonio Salinas
[Narrators voice] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Dance] Eva Lomby, Jorge Guillén, Aime Irasema

Funded by the Goethe-Institut Mexico and the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg.