"For me, the medium of video is a wonderful complement to my work, since dance is, after all, ephemeral and short-lived. I have realized various video works so far, from experimental to on stage and/or in the form of a short documentary. My last video project MY DANCE SPACE is a good example, which I realized as a reflection of the first lockdown with dancers* and choreographers from Hamburg (February 2021).


Hamburg, 2008
Short dance-docu about 25 Migrants, living in Hamburg, dancing at their home.

Showned by:
Festival Cabanyal Intim, Valencia, Spanien, 2014
Sentitreff Zentrum, Luzern, Schweiz, 2013
Probebühne Eins K3, kampnagel 2010
Body Navigation Festival, St. Petersburg, Russland, 2010
International Dance Kiosk Festival, Hamburg, 2009
Galerie Kunstnah, Hamburg 2008

How and where does the space for dance arise? What moves people to dance? What memories are evoked? 25 people with a migration background show "my dance room" at home: in the living room, in the kitchen, in the basement or in the garden. Children, young people and adults from various parts of Hamburg were filmed dancing.

[Konzept/Regie, Kamera]Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Schnitt] Yana Busyhina

New digitalized through ARCHIVE 20-20 / DIS-TANZ-SOLO
Funded by Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Programm NEUSTART KULTUR, Hilfsprogramm DIS-TANZEN des Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.