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04. August 2023
Performing Cracks in Public Memory
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vol. XXXIX 1/2–2023
Published by:
Mattersburger Kreis für Entwicklungspolitik an den österreichischen Universitäten

Journal für Entwicklungspolitik (JEP)
Austrian Journal of Development Studies
Publisher: Mattersburger Kreis für Entwicklungspolitik an den österreichischen Universitäten

Editorial Team: Monika Austaller, Tobias Boos, Alina Brad, Eric Burton, Antje Daniel, Felix Dorn, Julia Eder, Nora Faltmann, Gerald Faschingeder, Karin Fischer, Daniel Fuchs, Sophie Gleitsmann, Daniel Görgl, Inge Grau, Pedro Gross, Markus Hafner-Auinger, Johannes Jäger, Bettina Köhler, Johannes Korak, Magdalena Kraus, Franziska Kusche, Luisa Leisenheimer, Bernhard Leubolt, Sebastian Luckeneder, Clemens Pfeffer, Stefan Pimmer, Jonathan Scalet, Lukas Schmidt, Gregor Seidl, Shikha Sethia, Nicolas Schlitz, Koen Smet

Board of Editors: Henry Bernstein (London), Patrick Bond (Johan- nesburg), Dieter Boris (Marburg), John-ren Chen (Innsbruck), Hartmut Elsenhans (Leipzig), Jacques Forster (Genève), John Friedman (St. Kilda), Peter Jankowitsch (Wien), Franz Kolland (Wien), Helmut Konrad (Graz), Uma Kothari (Manchester), Ulrich Menzel (Braunschweig), Jean-Philippe Platteau (Namur), Dieter Rothermund (Heidelberg), Alfredo Saad-Filho (London), Dieter Senghaas (Bremen), Heribert Steinbauer (Wien), Osvaldo Sunkel (Santiago de Chile)

Publications Manager: Clemens Pfeffer

Below you can find an extract of the article:

...But to Yolanda Gutiérrez, Mexico-born dancer, choreographer, and curator from Hamburg, “it seemed wrong to wait until the renovations [were] finished. It seemed like a strange idea to stage an intervention once Bismarck’s [was] shining in all his glory” (Katzenstein 2023). She therefore initiated the project Bismarck-Dekolonial, which aims to incite a change of perspectives and highlight perspectives of those who were formerly colonised in the debate surrounding Bismarck and the restoration of his statue (Gutiérrez 2021a). The project received funds from the federal government through the performing arts fund (Fonds Darstellende Künste) and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the city of Hamburg (Behörde für Kultur und Medien). The peculiarity in the funding structure is that it is the same agencies responsible for Bismarck’s restoration who are funding artistic interventions, and have even initiated an artistic competition for recontextualising Bismarck. Bismarck-Dekolonial took place between April and August 2021 in the context of the International Summer Festival (Kampnagel). To address the wider absence of perspectives of people from formerly colonised countries, Gutiérrez created an audiowalk framework around the monument. Within that framework, she followed a ‘carte blanche approach’, in which she centred the artistic embodied narratives of individuals from former German colonies (Tanzania, Namibia, Cameroon, Togo and Rwanda) and a collaboration with the Mexican multimedia artist, Calavera. In a so-called virtual ‘Lab=forum’ in early 2021, the artists developed and discussed their contributions to decolonising the Bismarck monument in Hamburg. This resulted in an assemblage of six individual-collective interventions that together formed an audio walk journey around the monument of Bismarck (Table 1; Gutiérrez 2021b). In addition to the artists listed in the table below, the dancers Sarah Lasaki and Samwel Japhet also actively contributed to the performances. This curational setting has strategic considerations: the monument of Bismarck itself is not clearly visible from under the trees of the park, but rather from a strategic viewing point on a nearby bridge (Image 2). In a performative walk, the audience is made to see the monument from a variety of perspectives, embodying the concepts of a change of perspective and circularity. The performances also address a variety of senses: through headphones, the audience hears music as well as spoken and recorded texts that accompany the dance performances....(Page 59)

...In the following Page 60 the list of the artists names and their projects are mentioned...

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