Foto: Michael Raudies

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about lucha libre 2009
K3 / Tanzplan Hamburg PROBEBÜHNE EINS at Kampnagel, march 2009

"The public is completely uninterested in knowing whether the contest is rigged or not, and rightly so; it abandons itself to the primary virtue of the spectacle, which is to abolish all motives and all consequences: what matters is not what it thinks but what it sees.“ Roland Barthes

If you have heard about Wrestling, it's related to the American Wrestling, which you've seen in television. Mexico develops its own style since 1930 called.lucha libre. This is much more acrobatic and it develops from the martial arts Yolanda Gutiérrez filmed in the last arena in her home city Cuernavaca one of the last fights for this piece. She develops movements from this Mexican wrestling style to a choreographic kaleidoscope and is the basis for the movement vocabulary.

[Concept, Choreography, Direction and Film] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Film Editing] Andrew Simon Tucker -limelight productions-