Foto: Christian Rinke

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my dance room 2010
K3 / Tanzplan Hamburg PROBEBÜHNE EINS
Kampnagel, February 2010

„Probebühne Eins“ is a Werkstatt-Plattform, where different kind of works can be shown: work in progress, short experiments and project in processs.From ten choreografers.

Constant adaptation and change, the ability of getting involved with something new as well as the recurrent feeling of the supporting power of one’s own room (space) - an imagined yet simultaneously real space - define the project „my dance room“. The performance can be seen as a conceptualized dance that constantly changes and evolves, always allowing new constellations.

a production by yolanda gutiérrez & projects

[Konzept, Choreografie] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Licht] Micha Lentner
[Mit ] Adwoa Kröger, Zohra Opoku, Gonzalo Barahona, Branka Bilogrevic und Ignacio Mendez.


...Yolanda Gutiérrez loosely strung study “My Dance Room 2010” shows an undefined space between a private sphere and cultural influence.

Five dancers arrived with a lot of luggage, among which some ancient standing lamps shedding their light on the fashionably cool street-style kids. Initially everyone dances on their own, to the music of their own iPods, caps pulled deep over their faces. Then, out of the boxes intruments appear and the volume of the personal music is turned up. Irmela Kästner, die Welt, 1st February 2010.