Foto: Christian Rinke

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Haus III&70 Intercultural Festival eigenarten, october 2009, Hamburg

The dancer & the wrestler follows a dramatic story line. Fiction and reality, performers and figure draws a story, which will absorbed all together the emotions from the audience. A heroical woman and a strong man shows behind the mask,without hiding anything, but shows in their encounter all the skills tehy have and what people mostly wants to see: the battle between good and bad. They will be accompanied by a well known and ......Poetry Slam Talkmaster, who`s going to take the audience in a fascinated trip.

[Conzept, Choreography, Direction and Film] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Dramaturghy] Judith Schneiberg
[Film Schnitt] Andrew Simon Tucker -limelight productions-
[With Karsten Kretschmer und Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Talkmaster] Michel Abdollahi
[Special Guests]Liss Austria und Kenny the Kid

Sponsored by: Hamburgische Kulturstiftung and from Interkulturellen Festival eigenarten.

With kindly support from Haus III&70 and the Wrestling School nordisch fight club in Steilshoop. With special thanks to Quique Ollervides, Christian Rinke, Gonzalo Barahona, Ignacio Mendez, Simon Corveri, Dorothea Grießbach, Andrew Tucker and Samuel Enslin.


Hamburger Abendblatt, Klaus Witzeling 04. November 2009
...Der Wrestler rotiert kraftvoll in den mächtigen Schultergelenken und knallt auf die Matte, dass einem der Atem stockt. Unübersehbar sind die Parallelen zwischen Tanz, Sport und Show-Effekt.

Further Information: Interkulturelles Festival eigenarten 2009