Tanztheater with Wrestling, Film and Music

International Kampnagel fabrik
September/October 2010 Opening from the Theatersaison 2010–2011

When reigning world champion Karsten Kretschmer a.k.a. “The Gladiator” enters into intensive contact improvisation with dancer “Trini, the Trinity”, it will be an unequal fight with an uncertain outcome – and wrestling and dance fuse together in Yolanda Gutiérrez’s latest piece. The Mexican choreographer, who lives in Hamburg, combines contemporary dance with the Mexican form of wrestling ‘Lucha Libre’. Two dancers and two wrestlers compete against each other. Each of them has developed two superhero identities– this results in a diverse range of spectacular combinations, in which physical strength does not necessarily win the battle. Viktor Marek provides musical accompaniment for the show, in the form of live samples of the sounds being made by the fighters. Battle of the Arts presenter Michel Abdollahi is also stepping into the ring to guide the audience through this bold mixture of sport, theatre, athletics, choreography and virtuosity. Only one thing’s for certain – at the end of the evening there can only be one winner.

[Concept, choreography, direction and film] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Dramaturgy] Nadine Jessen
[Costumes] Zohra Opoku
[Costumes Manufactured ]Zohra Opoku, Frauke Janssen
[Filmanimation and Post-production] Andrew Simon Tucker -limelight productions-
[Speaker shortfilms] Bodo Lembke
[Storyboard drawer] Gonzalo Barahona
[With the Wrestler] Axel Dieter Jr. und Karsten Kretschmer
[Dance] Trinidad Martínez, Pepa Ubera
[Music] Viktor Marek
[Moderation] Michel Abdollahi
[Consulting] Michael Raudies

SUPERHERO is a production of yolanda gutiérrez & projects and Kampnagel. Kindly supported by Wrestling School "Nordisch Fight Club" in Hamburg-Steilshoop. Sponsored by: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung and Stop Trick Studio.

Sponsored by Stop Trick Studio, swords & more, Herr von Eden, LEDERDESIGN, bitfilm und Camora-Stoffe.

With kindly support from Irene Petropoulou, Wolfgang Unger, Christian Rinke, Steffen Gottschling, Anna Teuwen, Melanie Zimmermann und Kathrin Feller.


... Die Production at Kampnagel shows, that Fight Ring also can be also been considered as Theater.
(-itz) Hamburger Abendblatt

... And even if the world can't be saved through this way from the evil : it's beautiful to see.
(def) Hamburger Morgenpost

... By Wrestling or his mexican way Lucha Libre is not only important the pure power and the theatralic, but also the dance part -at least by "Superhero", a Dance-and Film Performance- from the mexican choreografer Yolanda Gutiérrez.
(tl) hamburger Abdenblatt-Live

... With Karsten Kretschmer,World Champion in his Wrestling Liga , and Axel DieterJr. come on stage two impressive Specialist in their area.
(ik) Die Welt