Romeo vs. Romeo 2012
January 2012 at Kampnagel

In the piece "Romeo vs. Romeo" will Romeo be played by two newcomer Wrestler: Axel Dieter Jr. und DaMack. The antagonism Romeos plays between his family and his forbidden love to Julia. She will be played by the dancer Keshwar Sayed. Correctly in beffiting once's rang shows both identities Romeos, that there is no winner by a fight with himself. At the end both feelings will lay down on the floor. The iran Poetry-Slam Michel Abdollahi and the mexican choreografer Yolanda Gutiérrez shows through the Romeo, the Shakespeare Hero, and the internal fight who takes place when loves falls where it doesn't belongs.

[Choreography] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Dramaturgy] Nadine Jessen
[Speech direction] Michel Abdollahi
[Music] Hallo Werner Clan (Benni Bo & Miss Hawaii)
[Dancer] Keshwar Sayed
[Wrestler] Axel Dieter Jr. und Da Mack
[Production management] Anne Leinberger
[Volunter] Liza Bullwinkel
[Licht] Ricarda Köneke

This is a production from yolanda gutiérrez & projects and Kampnagel

Support by the Ministry of culture and media from the free and hanseatic state of Hamburg.

With specially thanks to Amelie & Team, Verena und Beata, Wolfgang Unger, Sylvi Kretschmar, Hélène Hartmann, Andrew Simon Tucker & Ariane von Bethusy Huc, the dance people in the party, and all of them, who help this project.