Axel & Axel 2012
Doku-Fiktion & Video
Lange Nacht der Performance / live art festival-Kampnagel K1 2012

In this project I research both bodies, the young and the old one. They show us the brawniness this sport with the body leave one's mark. They stay not only as a dumbly bodies but also they told us their memories, their dreams and wishes.

Axel Dieter, the father, was the most famous wrestler after the world war II. Axel Dieter Jr. is his son - a talented, young wrestler, is well known in the wrestling szene.

[Concept, choreography and video] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Music design & Mariachi Karaoke] Teppei Osawa
[With] Axel Dieter and Axel Dieter Jr.

Eine Produktion von yolanda gutiérrez & projects und Kampnagel