What are the mechanisms of oppression and power? And how can be develop these in a body language? How can bodies show oppression? And how do bodies show power? And how can a mass choreography of bodies influence, intimidate or even destroy systems of power?

This was an exploration in a very general aspect as a worldwide phenomenon of the 21st century. And together with the dancers, they developed strategies and mechanisms of protest who can emerge in the future.

The choreographer Yolanda Gutiérrez and the DJ Thomas Strauch met for the first time to share a Dance and Music Laboratory with 14 dancers in the city of Kampala.

Inspired by her last work “POLITICAL BODIES” of Yolanda Gutiérrez they explored some mechanisms of power and oppression. They explored how bodies react to them. In many countries, where oppression exists, there are bodies, who go to the street and protest. This protest mass choreography were analyzed by documents from the media press world and transformed it by their own interpretation about what power and what oppression means.

In a three days Lab they worked over these questions, they analyzed these structures and showed how they can be translated into a body concept. The dancers transformed them with different tasks,in which they involved them to be part of a futuristic Choreography of Resistance.

At the end of the three days Lab they showed the results in open spaces – in the streets of Kampala and did a site specific-performance for the LaBa! Arts Festival.

[Idea-Concept] Gutiérrez-Strauch
[Choreography] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Music] [DJ] Thomas Katongole-Strauch (Ancient Astronauts)
[Dance/Choreography] Abdul Ablanger, Antonio Bukhar, Crusha Bornz, Mc Eddix Power, Hamuza Primo, Faizal Mostrixx, Anold Stepaz Afriken,Lilian Maximilian Nabalagga, Geoffrey Oryema, Sammie Poppins, Walugembe Isaac Milky, Catherine Nakawesa, Roz Merie Atim, Joanna.

A production from yolanda gutiérrez & projects and Thomas Strauch. Funding by the Ministry of Culture Hamburg, the German Embassy Uganda and the Goethe Center Kampala.