Michel Abdollahi ("Deutschland schafft mich" ) and Alice Hasters ("Was white people don't want to hear about racism but should know") have catapulted (post-)migrant perspectives onto the bestseller list with their autobiographical texts. perspectives onto the bestseller list. Two texts about Germany of the 2000s.

The choreographer Yolanda Gutiérrez brings them to the stage in a literary parcours through the city centre. literary parcours through the city centre. Michel Abdollahi and Alice Hasters describe the daily struggles, the small and the big. and the big ones, they write of fear, but also of defiance and attitude. The authors tell painful stories about growing up in a racist racist society: the German one. They share the certainty never to be good enough, never to fully belong.

Michel Abdollahi fled with his grandmother from Tehran to Hamburg at the age of five. to Hamburg, where he grew up in Eidelstedt. "Germany creates me" is his response to the increasingly loud voices of right-wing ideologues voices of right-wing ideologues who have been sitting in our parliaments for a long time. the limits of what can be said almost daily. He does away with the integration fairy tale and pleads for a culture that creates identification with with social reality: Germany has been an immigrant Germany has been a country of immigration for decades.

Alice Hasters grew up in Cologne-Nippes. "What white people don't want to hear about about racism but should know" is a perceptive and personal personal account that allows only one conclusion. Racism is not only a problem on the right-wing fringe, but is still embedded in the structures of post-war German society. Haster's invites a confrontation with one's own racism and and, in passing, sketches the utopia of a society that faces up to its past and present mistakes. past and present in order to be free.

The choreographer Yolanda Gutiérrez and the dancers Sarah Lasaki dancers Sarah Lasaki and Benson A'kuyie to develop a performative-literary parkour performative-literary parkour through Hamburg's city centre. On an audiowalk, the audience will approach Abdollahi's and Haster's texts. Hasters' texts. The city is the stage for choreographies and installations.

The parkour starts at 6 pm at Herrmannstraße 13.

Concept/Choreography: Yolanda Gutiérrez
Dance/Choreography: Sarah Lasaki & Benson A'kuyie
Dramaturgy / Interviews /Film: Helge Schmidt
Supporting actors*: Don Jegosah, Valentine Müller, Betty Paha, Mustapha Nyangado

Production management: Hinnerk Köhn
Assistance: Lucia Lilen Heffner & Paul Ninus.
Audio editing/ Music production: Max Scharff
Stage/Requiists/Costumes/Make-up: Sophia Sylvester
Röpcke& Carlton Morgan.
Assistant costumes: Almuth Werle
Hair styling: Betty Paha
Costume making solo Benson A'kuyie: 1106AIRY by Kadija Doumbouya
[Equipment] SHAPE THE FUTURE (•silent disco berlin•)

Supported by the Fund for the Performing Arts #TakePart

Thanks also to the HOCHBAHN, the Thalia Theatre and the St. Jacobi Church for their generous help!

A production of Telemichel Produktionsgesellschaft mbH together with. Michel Abdollahi and Alice Hasters

The event is not barrier-free.
3G rules apply.