From 2017 I realized my first decolonizing-silent-walk-performative city tour URBAN BODIES PROJECT. This was invited to the international festival THEATER DER WELT. Afterwards, this project was invited to Amsterdam, to the international dance festival JULIDANS, and to Stuttgart, to the festival DIE IRRITIERTE STADT. Later, the project DECOLONYCITIES followed in Hamburg in 2019 and 2021. Both will be supervised by a diverse and international team under the new platform founded by myself called SHAPE THE FUTURE."

Foto: Yanabu


is a Ukrainian word for "unbreakable" and as the name suggests, this project is dedicated to and inspired by the brave Ukrainian people who, despite the obvious numerical superiority of the enemy, have united into one big fist and shown the whole world that they are willing to sacrifice their own lives for their FREEDOM. The project consists of five individual projects created by several uniquely talented Ukrainian artists* from different art fields.
All five projects together serve as a reflection of the life and spirit of the Ukrainian nation, which is going through the most difficult times in its own history. Each project is unique in itself and at the same time part of a larger puzzle. Together they create a larger and more complex emotional context.

NEZLAMNI consists of the following projects: “W.O.W. (Women On War)” - Fotoausstellung von Yanabu
“Witnesses of War” - Foto- und Puppenausstellung von Oxa Spilka
“5:00” - ein auf wahren Begebenheiten basierender Kurzfilm unter der Regie von Michael Haikin
“The Year I did not have” - Animationsfilm von Mariana Mikitiuk und Munimum_art
“Wasted” - Animationsfilm von Nastya Haidaienko and Munimum_art

Organisation: Igor Sherba
Assistenz/SHAPE THE FUTURE: Lucia Lilen Heffner
Mit: Yana Busyhina aka Yanabu
Igor Sherba aka Munimum_art
Oxa Spilka
Michael Halkin
Mariana Mikitiuk
Nastya Haidaienko

NEZLAMNI was made possible thanks to the organisation and support of the platform SHAPE THE FUTURE, under the artistic direction of Yolanda Gutiérrez.

Supported by BureauRitter / NEUSTART KULTUR / The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.