From 2017 I realized my first decolonizing-silent-walk-performative city tour URBAN BODIES PROJECT. This was invited to the international festival THEATER DER WELT. Afterwards, this project was invited to Amsterdam, to the international dance festival JULIDANS, and to Stuttgart, to the festival DIE IRRITIERTE STADT. Later, the project DECOLONYCITIES followed in Hamburg in 2019 and 2021. Both will be supervised by a diverse and international team under the new platform founded by myself called SHAPE THE FUTURE."

Foto: Yolanda Gutiérrez
Design: Lucia Lilen Heffner

The MemorySite:Theater
deals with the memory we have of theatre when it is no longer there. Temporarily, during the lockdown, we as a society experienced what it means to live without theatre. It was missed as a place of longings and experiences. What remains of this memory? And what does theatre mean for our everyday lives? A search for traces of the ephemeral.

Interviews were conducted with people who have a connection with the Rampe Theatre: Theatre professionals, visitors and the staff of Theater Rampe. The initial contact was made by e-mail. Unfortunately, it turned out that many of the people contacted, especially theatre professionals, were not on site during Gutiérrez's stay in Stuttgart. The interview was not to be conducted via online meetings, namely, because the respective memories of the theatre were to be captured by three means: through words, with a photo portrait and with the recording of the interview. Proximity and personal acquaintance should also play a role. It was not to be a quantitative but a qualitative project, not the number of interviewees was decisive but the intensity of the encounter. The idea remained entirely with the medium of theatre and what people missed about it in times of lockdown: and that was above all the encounter live on site, the conversations with people, the exchange around what they experienced, in short, the togetherness.

This encounter with each individual is captured in their voice, their movement and their photo. It was important to Gutiérrez that the group of interviewees is diverse in order to show the variety and complexity of the independent scene: the group is made up of actors, dancers, performers, staff and/or spectators. They come from Colombia, the Ivory Coast and Greece, among other places, and have been living in Stuttgart for a very long time. The interviewees include:
Martina Grohmann und Paula Kohlmann (Theater Rampe), Magda Agudelo, Miriam Lemdjadi, Yahi Nestor Gahe, David Gaviria, Nicki Lizsta, Carmen Scarano und Samuel Hof (Performance-Dance and Theaterscene in Stuttgart ), Christoph Schwertfeger und Sofia Falsone (Audience).

"Collective Memory and Cultures of Memory" An Introduction by Astrid Erll served as a companion reading. Although the book is very scholarly, it helped Gutiérrez in the residency to delve deeper into the subject, such as the topic of collective and individual memory. And that is exactly what we experience when we are in the theatre: an interplay of both memories.

Mit special thanks to Martina Grohmann, Paula Kohlmann und Silinee Damsa-Ard.

Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste. Together coperation with Netzwerk Freier Theater (NFT) NEUSTART KULTUR

A project by yolanda gutiérrez & projects together with Theater Rampe

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