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Mexican Spirit Vol.1 2013
Baltic Raw / August 15th and 16th 2013
the speculative DORF Festival-Avant-Garten from International Summerfestival at Kampnagel

Over two days the mexican choreographer and video artist Yolanda Gutierrez will redesign the room, which has been built by the group Baltic Raw for the festival Avant – garden from the International sommerfestival at Kampnagel. Yolanda embodies mexican kitsch, art, and spiritual and life performance. Inspired by the mexican day of the deads, remembering the dead ancestors she is celebrating life.
With music, singing and food, aphrodisiatic drinks from Mexico and elsewhere, special mixed from secret receipes, they will help you to find the transcendental pass.
Let your spirit be free and dive into a world of the higher consiousness.

Featuring musicians and performers from Argentina, Columbia, Japan and Germany such as Hans Peter, Vodoo Ragas, Telúrica, Soila Picante, Miss Hawaii and Judith Mauch.

Mexican Spirit Vol.1 is an experiment, to open new dimensions for body, mind and spirit.

To satisfy the ears:

Hans Peter a mix of caribbean rhythms, microrecordings and electronic music. 3 musicians create a fantastic mood with , bass, guitar, and percussion and let the people Move on up, like they did in the „Frappant“
To sample it: https://soundcloud.com/hans-peter-9

Voodoo Ragas
Ignacio Mendez : Zarod + Electronics / Julian Schäfer : Bansuri
Julian and Ignacio take us on a musical journey from the Ganges to the Nil through Haiti to Mexico.Their music is so special because of their melting between Samsara, Vodoo and Electronics.

Telúrica (aka Moxi Beidenegl) voice, percussion, Kalimba, Tarka and composition
Mother nature screams out loud for balance in these days of climate changes. There is nothing better than the power of the human voice to bring mother earths moods into harmony.
Telurica(aka Moxi Beidenegl) provokes storm, thunder, and earthquakes... in a friendly atmosphere.

Miss Hawaii – Cumbia DJ Set

To satisfy the appetite:
Finger food from mexican chef Alejandro Castillo from Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexiko:
Jalapeno con atún / Tofu adobado / Camarones envueltos / Pina con chile.

"Dona Catrina“ from Mexico und „Soila Picante“ from Colombia with exclusive drinks:
Agua de Bolivia- Kamasutra – Frida Rot – Morocco Kiss – Agua de Jamaica – Andras Mix (created at the moment)

To please the eye:

Badges from Celia Coram from Trash a la mode / London: www.trashalamode.co.uk

Every day auction of artworks from the mexican painter David Mora.

Shortfilms from Yolanda Gutiérrez

Aswell Special Guest: Cheli Mula Mexika Pactli – the traditional mexican aztec healing with Cheli Mula, live from London via Skype
SUSTOS – a ceremony to bring the spirits back into the body, every hour on the hour from 6pm. costs 5,- Euro, including „Milagro“ – a mexican lucky charm.

Danke an Vivian Nelan Branka Bilogrevic

This is a production from yolanda gutiérrez & projects