Design: Michael Raudies

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my dance room 2008
Dance performance and Videoinstallation – November 2008
Gallery Kunst-nah, Hamburg

Motiv: How and where does space for dance develop? What induces people to dance? What memories are awakened? 25 people with migrant background show “my dance room” at home: in the living room, in the kitchen, in the cellar or in the garden. Children, juveniles and adults from the most diverse neighborhoods in Hamburg were filmed dancing.

Dance performance
After the videoinstallation follows the invitation for dance, this time live dance! six tallented amateurs dancers show their passion for dance. They develop together with the choreographer a dance piece with any kind of elements like hula-hoop, kung-fu, regaeton, a selfmade instrument, apples and some contemporary dance aswell.. They show their dance and the place where they want to be. It's a surreal one but very close by them. It's a fictional room, a well desire room full of possiblities.

[Concept, Choreography, Video] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[With] Branka Bilogrevic, Gonzalo Barahona, Ignacio Mendez, Javier Hinestroza, Katja Engbrecht, Ollin Eguren.
[Assistance/coordination] Nicole Schröder
[Music] Moxi Beidenegl und Donghee Nam
[Light design] Michael Schmiedel
[Design/layout] Michael Raudies