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Foto:Wolfgang Unger

quick instant soup II

[Direction and Dance] Yolanda Gutiérrez
[Film Editing] Christiane Schniebel
[Camera] Michael Raudies

Hamburg 2003

Production: ugozana and yolanda gutiérrez & projects
With kindly support from ars japanica

In all big cities like Mexico city, Hamburg or Tokio our eat habits have been changing. Everywhere you can find the "to go meals", lots of them with chemical ingredients but easy to prepare and to take with. In Asia are the instant noodle soups very common and popular. They can be done with hot water in 5 minutes. Does this kind of meal habits making us feel lonely? and how far can this influence our eating habits, our personality and identity?
In the second part from "quick instant soup" a woman transformed herself in a japanese woman after been eating without a break instant noodle soups. A short road movie in the city of Hamburg.