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Design: Pablo Querea


ZONA LIBRE (translation: FREE ZONE) is a unique dance encounter that encourages dancers from Europe and Mexico to come together to engage in reflection, creation and dialogue. We are looking to investigate a landscape of space, place & absence where the boundary between dance and everyday life can emerge and become permeable. Every architecture we find ourselves in offers a space to be playful outside of the theatre walls where we can question a new environments affect on us as human beings. The beauty of this project comes form the diversity of the local dance scene and its practitioners as we actively incorporate other artists, their practices and their passion for the Arts into the programme. ZONA LIBRE is a manifesto, an invitation to work with the dance we encounter everyday. Movement is part of our collective knowledge and by accessing & bringing it to life we are working towards a more cohesive society.

Dates: December 2018

Place: In a small village two hours from Mexico City is located the town Jonacatepec (which means in Nahuatl language means "on the hill where there are onions") because of the big amount of onions fields around. In a cottage we have the opportunity to live and experience Mexicos rural life. Here in front of the mountain of Chalcatzingo we can live and work outdoors. The archeological zone Chalcatzingo is one of the most important ones in Morelos. There you can find one of the round pyramids from ancient Mexico. A daily walk to this place will be part of the research.

We will like to share our work and give workshops to the community and a final performance at the end of the week.

Costs: 200€ includes three meals per day/ accomodation /local transport

Please send your Letter of Intent, writing briefly the reason why you would like to partciipate and the workshop or performance you would like to offer to the community.

Write to: gutierrezprojects@hotmail.com

Concept /Artistic director: Yolanda Gutiérrez