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Design: Yolanda Gutiérrez


December 2018

The project Planet Kigali with artists from Rwanda and Germany has set itself the goal of linking future visions of the arts with the traditional arts in Rwanda. Rwandan mythology, magical realism, science fiction theories and fashion are to be merged with the past, present and future in Planet Kigali. Time is understood as a liquid, non-linear concept. By re-establishing tradition and linking to future images, Planet Kigali is plan to create new, futuristic identities with a transformative force, as Grace Jones put it: "I am not born that way. You make your own. "

Together with young Rwandan artists from the fields of fine arts, dance and theater, Gutiérrez / Dietrich and Dorcy Rugamba (Rwanda Arts Intitative) are planning an artistic exploration of the traditional Rwandan art forms Umuhamirizio, Imbyino and Umushagiriro, the mythology of Rwanda and the social upheavals that are currently taking place in Rwanda.

In 2000, Dorcy Rugamba conducted extensive interviews with 6 ancient masters of the Rwandan performing arts, five of whom have since died. In the meantime this tradition has almost disappeared and has been replaced by folkloristic adaptations. The film recordings of Rugamba are to be worked up before the rehearsals, so that the performers can use the theater techniques for themselves. The video material is to be made available to a worldwide audience in the project phase on the online platform Rwandan Records.

In December 2018 four genre-wide performances are planned on Kampnagel. Rwandan Spirit, a futuristic salon, will present innovative artistic positions from Rwanda, which will be a stimulus for the public and artists from Germany and Rwanda.

[From] Yolanda Gutiérrez [Choreography], Jens Dietrich [Dramaturgy] in collaboration with Dorcy Rugamba
[Artistic assistance] Laura Böttinger
[Management & Production] Christina Schäfers
[Stage] Jelka Platte
[With] Annika Scharm, Wesley Ruzibiza among others
[Film] Janto Djassi-- Merle Grimme
[Film] Janto Djassi - Merle Grimme www.picturemedifferent.com

Funded by the TURN Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation